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Who am I & how can we Co-Create Magic?

Hello, I'm Christel Arcucci.

I support spiritual women 40+ to quit people-pleasing, reclaim power and enjoy your pleasure-led legacy without apology.

When I was 17 and preparing for a springboard diving competition, I was severely injured. The injury created debilitating back pain and I couldn’t do ANYTHING without excruciating pain.

My doctor said, “You will never compete again. You will be on pain medication for the rest of your life with limited physical activities. It will be best if you find a job that is not physically demanding.”

No, thank you!

This diagnosis changed my life and inspired me to get my body back on track and create a life and business I love, spoiler alert, it’s working!

I commit to transform pain into an enjoyable & active life.

While healing my back I discovered it is essential to address the body, mind, emotions, energy-body and soul in order to create the health and wealth I desire.

30+ years later I am an active and adventurous woman. I have collected multiple professional certifications that have transformed my passion into my professional and I have successfully supported thousands of clients and made millions in the process.

Clients often work with me after they have “tried everything” and I believe they find lasting results with this work due to the full spectrum approach to healing the body, mind, heart & soul.

I am an International Healer, Artist, Transformational Speaker and Embody Wealthy Coach. I am passionate about empowering women to live your pleasure-led legacy and enjoy the success of being seen, heard & financially supported in a way that turns you on and lights up your life.

I have supported thousands of clients to transform trauma with power, purpose and pleasure to create vibrant health and the business success you desire since 1991.

Learning how to live your purpose while you still have fear or inner resistance doesn’t work. The inner work alone without having a plan to embody your purpose in life and business keeps you stuck. That is why I help you with both the inner alchemy and the real world strategy – so that you can make forward movement in your soul purpose life & business.

Would you like guidance and support to

  • Feel connected to your intuition and live inspired by your soul purpose
  • Have confidence to express yourself, ask for what you want, and speak  your truth
  • Manifest a steady and consistently growing income that totally supports you so that you can BREATHE & RELAX
  • Embody your feminine power, learn to receive and create the life you dream about
  • Have soul-aligned plan to build your soul purpose life & business with ease

Let’s activate the power of your passion and design a soul purpose life and business you love.

Fill out an application below for a complimentary Soul Purpose Clarity Session

We will discuss where you currently are, your vision for the future, the next steps and how I may be able to support you.

I have a limited number of Soul Purpose Clarity sessions available each month; if you feel ready I encourage you to fill out the application by clicking the link below. Transformational coaching packages start at $1111.

Once I receive your application, I will be in touch to set up your session.

I acknowledge YOU for reaching out and I look forward to talking with you!

In service to embodied love,
Christel xxo

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