Live Your Purpose & Create Your Legacy

Have you been going through a major life transition that’s left you feeling stressed and uncertain about your path forward? Are you looking to rediscover your purpose and live in alignment with your core values? 

You’re not alone. Many of us reach points in our lives where we realize we’ve lost touch with who we really are and what brings us meaning. The good news is – with the right guidance and tools, you can reconnect with your true self and create a legacy you’re proud of.

My 12-week Life Purpose Coaching program is designed specifically for spiritual seekers in the midst of significant life changes. Through a customized combination of embodiment exercises, breathwork, Reiki healing, and reflective journaling.

I will guide you to:

– Uncover your core values and life purpose

– Reduce stress and increase confidence  

– Develop intuition and embrace your strengths

– Skillfully navigate challenges with grace   

– Create meaningful days and lifetime memories

– Craft your unique legacy

The Life Purpose Coaching Series includes: 

Ten – 50 minute one-to-one phone sessions with Christel within 12 weeks

Past clients have called this program “transformative,” “empowering,” and “life-changing.” Are you ready to live courageously in alignment with your purpose? 

Let’s walk this path together with one of these two options:

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Life Purpose Coaching Series - In Person or by Phone

Ten sessions for $1444

Are you at a crossroads, unsure which path leads to your highest potential?

Do you want greater fulfillment but struggle to identify your core values?

A Life Purpose Session is designed for spiritual seekers ready to uncover their life’s meaning begin living your purpose.

Schedule a Life Purpose session today to experience Life Purpose Coaching and see if the full series is right for you:

Invest in yourself and your highest potential. You deserve to live fully as the person you were meant to be.

Life Purpose Session - In Person or by Phone

2 hour session $288