Soul Contracts Session in the Akashic Records

What is a Soul Contract?

Imagine an agreement, a cosmic contract your soul willingly enters into with others, outlining the key lessons, relationships, and experiences destined to shape your lifetime.

Contracts are made on a soul level, and individuals have chosen specific challenges, relationships, or life events as opportunities for personal growth and learning. The contracts are a blueprint for the soul’s evolution that can be changed through the Akashic Records.

The Soul Contract Session complete or re-create your soul contacts offering a profound shift of how these agreements influence your life.

What are the Akashic Records?

Akasha (ākāśa) is a Sanskrit word that means: not visible, space, ether, inner sky, sky and also the infinite consciousness in each individual.

The Akashic Records are a timeless “library” of everything in history and all future possibilities.

During a Soul Contract Session I work on ONE of your soul contracts and truly miraculous changes happen!

I focus on where you are now and what future you’re creating.

Directing the timeline you’re aligning with and what life path you’re pouring your momentum into.

Creating the present and the future through your soul contracts is where incredible power lives to change your life or business FAST!

What can a Soul Contract Session do IRL?

1. Unlock Your Purpose: Discover the divine purpose behind your life challenges and relationships, gaining clarity on your unique path to personal fulfillment.

2. Navigate Life’s Challenges: Knowledge of your soul contracts will allow you to approach life’s challenges with a newfound perspective, transforming obstacles into stepping stones for growth.

3. Enhance Relationships: Decode the intricate web of connections in your life, understanding the profound agreements that bind you to others. Forge deeper, more meaningful relationships and release outdated connections that no longer serve you.

4. Accelerate Spiritual Growth: Tap into the power of your soul contracts to propel your spiritual evolution and self-discovery.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with an Akashic Recode.

Uncover the mystical world of soul contracts and align your desires with the cosmic blueprint that guides your unique path. 

Soul Contract Session

50 minute session $144