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The Sedona Soul Sisters is the combined talents of a group of independently successful world renowned psychics, healers and spiritual teachers in Sedona Arizona.
Our mission is to provide you with life-changing information and insights for you to act upon in your relationships, career and business.
You will find an intriguing variety of services in a professional office environment.
Sessions available in person, by phone, or Zoom.

Customer Reviews

Rozlyn Reynolds

"Roz told me things I'd been thinking about and working on, things that were specific to me and my family and gave me a peek into the future. I would highly recommend a reading from Roz!"

Amber G.

Ivory LaNoue

"Ivory's reading for me was completely accurate. She gave lovely, gentle, grounded and inspired psychic and angelic messages. Ivory has a divine gift. She is a Sedona treasure."

Barbara S.

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Rozlyn ReynoldsRozlyn Reynolds

A lifelong psychic, Roz is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and clairalient and has been providing valuable client information doing readings for over 40 years for personal and corporate clients.

Her other professional services include psychometry, remote viewing, land and building analysis to clear energy fields with retained spirit energies, mediumship, animal communication, energetic clearing, healing and balancing utilizing crystals to facilitate both touch and distance healing energy work, intuition development mentoring and classes. In addition, Roz also does intuitive spiritual counseling and coaching to teach and facilitate visualization and manifestation for goal accomplishment.

The earth energy in Sedona lends itself to intuitive clarity ~ for clients who want to develop their psychic ability Roz offers basic tips and suggestions or mentor training.

As a psychometrist Roz is very sensitive to earth energy magnetic and electrical fields and vortex energies ~ Sedona offers amazing learning opportunities to increase sensitivity just by learning to “feel” the earth and its effects.

Personal exploration for potential energetic shifts and growth within Sedona’s vortex field can be taught by Roz and creates opportunities and new possibilities for clients to explore and experience the positive and amazing effects of this enhanced magnetic environment and tap their gifts.

Roz recently connected with two other psychics to form Sedona Soul Sisters in a combined mission with common intention of offering a traditional professional office environment for readings, client clarity and energetic healing.

Combining complementary gifts and talents to create a powerful group synergy, the Sedona Soul Sisters members’ shared vision is providing peace for body, mind and spirit.

Ivory LaNoueIvory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue is a medium, intuitive (psychic), energy healer, and spiritual counselor. She is a long time central Arizona resident with an abiding love for the beauty and variety of the state.

Since 1996, Ivory has been a professional psychic, and mentored with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for mediumship. She studied Gigong with Jan Kennedy, PhD in 1999 and has been giving profound energy healings since then. She is currently working on her PhD in clinical hypnotherapy.

The root of Ivory’s journey to her mission was seeing angels and spirit from a very young age. They have appeared to her and spoken with her since she was age 2. In 1986, Ivory had a profound spiritual awakening, which set her on an intense spiritual journey which continues to this day.

Her background is in the field of mental health. She managed the mental health program for Yavapai County, and spent 18 years working with low-income and homeless persons.

Before she entered the field of mental health, she worked in radio. She hosted an entertainment talk show which won high awards with the Associated Press, and was awarded an honorary Purple Heart for her service to veterans, via her talk show.

Ivory is currently the host of two radio shows on www.BlogTalkRadio. One is a spirituality show called Ivory Angelic, the other is a support show called Your Life Matters. Both are part of the Journey into the Light network on BTR.

Rozlyn was so spot on and so kind! She is a true medium and connected me to a few spirits of family members who passed away.
I came out feeling so supported in my spiritual network!
Could not thank you enough Sedona Soul Sisters!
Definitely recommend!

Roselyn was amazing! She had such a kind and comforting demeanor. If I wasn't 300 miles away I would see her regularly

We had a couples reading with Roz today and she is AMAZING!!
I was floored on the specific things that she picked up on with us. She's the 1st psychic I've been to that I felt was truly psychic. Her reading was right on point.
For example, I've been really worried about some issues concerning our kids, and she was immediately able to describe each one of our kids to us, giving us unique details about each of them that NO ONE else would know.
She just blew us both away with the reading we received from her.
In addition to being an amazing psychic, she's a genuinely kind, down to earth person.
We both highly recommend seeing her for a reading.

I don't write reviews very often but I just had to because Roz was AMAZING!
She didn't ask any questions prior to the reading she just started talking. She was spot on with so many things it was awesome!
I've been to many psychics and I always try to not say much and see what they come up with. Roz told me things I'd been thinking about and working on, things that were specific to me and my family and gave me a peek into the future. I would highly recommend a reading from Roz!
I only wish I'd thought to record it...there was so much great info I wanted to share with my family and I can't remember it all!

While in Sedona last weekend, I decided to have my first psychic reading. I chose Rozlyn purely based on the fact that I liked her face… it was kind :). I was not disappointed. Everything that came up during the reading was spot on. The only thing that didn’t make sense to me at the time, had to do with a pair of shoes left by a loved one as a sign. Later that night, I made a call and found out that Rozlyn was right about this as well. I can’t even describe the feeling I had as I was leaving Rozlyn’s office. I felt amazingly light and I was just plain blown away by her gift. I can’t wait to get to Sedona to see her again!

I have become the manifesting “queen” since beginning my intuitive coaching sessions with Roz! Her intuitive talent goes far beyond what I expected. Her abilities are of such a high level that she knew what was going on with me long before I would speak a word and her ability to read my energy and my energy field, was so spot on that I couldn’t wait for my next session. I was like a kid in a candy store.
I absolutely love her honesty, directness and openness.
Working with her showed me that I can take control of every situation and manifest what I need all while staying positive. My whole way of being has changed for the best. I am much more insightful, focused, positive and can manifest pretty much anything as long as I remember and use the tools Roz provided.
Roz was and is a much loved driving force for me during our coaching sessions as well as in my everyday life.
Thank you Roz for all that you have brought out in me as well as all you have taught me

In 1981, Roz began reading for me and this has continued through various phases of my life. I can positively state that she has amazing accuracy and whatever she tells me, I take it to heart and many wonderful things have happened to me because I listened to her.
I trust her explicitly, and would recommend her natural born gift to anyone.

Roz is a huge part of our healing process. I would call Roz a Psychic Counselor... a person who has two gifts in one!

I have known Roz for almost 2 years and think that she is truly the most real thing I have ever experienced. Whether I want to know the truth or not, I am given the truth. This truth may not be realized immediately but it is always true.

She has helped my heavy soul deal with the impending death of my sister-in-law from cancer which she gently told me about almost 2 years ago. She has helped me locate, evaluate and hire the very best employees who would benefit our business. She has comforted me with the knowledge, that only for the time being, I must do what I am doing. One day, I would have the opportunity to again save dogs lives in some manner. She told me I would rescue again and low and behold two dogs appeared, one night on a lonely stretch of road and desperately needed saving to get back home.

If you have never scheduled to spend quality time in Roz's company, I would urge you to so. Be prepared to find truth. Be prepared to get answers. Be very careful what your looking for or wishing for because at one precise moment in time, your answer will come as she predicted.

There are so many people who claim to be true. I urge you to invest your emotions, time, spirit and financial resources with Roz. She is always honest, true and very reasonable. She will come through for you. I promise.

She also gives the very best hugs that comfort and support your spirit and your delicate heart. I have felt so alone most of my life. I have never felt alone, since I have been blessed, with her friendship and her love. Love and Light,

I was referred to Roz when I had so many major changes facing me in my life, and when I called her I was very skeptical, but my experience with her was amazing. She knew immediately what was currently going on in my life, what had been going on and what was about to happen, and she was very accurate in her future predictions, down to names and times! She also realized that I was having pain in my body which my doctor hadn’t been able to pinpoint, said what she felt it was coming from, and made suggestions to ask my care provider the cause, which turned out to be true.

I have referred her to many people, and I’d recommend talking to Roz for anyone who would like to see someone who can provide an accurate reading

I have known Roz for over ten years. She began reading for me in 1997 and I have continued to use her services at various periods in my life when I have needed direction and reassurance that I am going in the right direction. Her readings are comprehensive and provide a well rounded picture of what is going on now and what I can expect in the future. She is honest and very direct, very natural and down to earth about what she can do. It is amazing how she can touch an object, or me, and receive information that is so specific. Her readings are reliable and I have referred her to many of my friends.

Ivory LaNoue

I have had a number of wonderful readings, and I would put Ivory among the top. She was able to connect with my loved ones, with evidential information that only myself and my family in spirit would know. She also connected with my Angels, and guides, giving me messages that have come to fruition. She is gifted is so many ways, and her care and compassion for each of her clients shines through. I trust her guidance, as always feel so much better after speaking with her.

I had a reading with Ivory LaNoue. She was excellent and provided a lot of details in the reading. I found it very helpful to know how to move forward with my business and make some big changes in my business. She was very accurate and didn't fish for information. She was also very accurate with information in my personal life and provided great detail here as well.

I previously had readings with Rozlyn Reynolds and Cassandra Vanzant and was equally impressed with their excellent detailed readings and authenticity. Sedona Soul Sisters is a powerhouse!

As a social worker and grief counselor Ivory is my go to referral for my clients who are interested in learning more about the afterlife. Ivory offers a variety of services to promote enlightenment and healing. Whether it is a one-time visit or you are interested in working with her on a more regular basis there is something for everyone. I have personally worked with Ivory and have referred friends and family as well. All of who have returned for additional services as a result of the evidential information Ivory was able to provide from their loved ones in spirit as well as their guides and angels.

If you are interested in working with an ethical, well respected, evidential medium to expand your knowledge of the afterlife as you move through your grieving process please call Ivory. In addition to her excellent psychic and mediumistic skills she also has a background in mental health…an invaluable combination of skills and gifts to promote clarity, completion and closure for her clients. Ivory will also teach you the skills you need so you can communicate with your loved one yourself.

As with any appointment with a medium be sure to take some time to prepare for your session by listing some questions you would like to address. Although mediums have no control over which spirits attend the session, it is more likely that you will receive the insights and validations you are looking for if you take time to prepare.

Ivory is genuinely caring, compassionate and committed to helping others. It is no surprise that angels love to surround her.

I wanted to tell you how much better I feel about things after the Chakra balancing yesterday. I feel cleansed of something dirty, and the events seem like they happened 20 years ago. I feel lighter. I’m grateful to you for your compassion and wisdom and sharing it with me.

I love having you as my spiritual counselor. You‘re funny, caring, passionate, and loyal. To me you’re a doctor for people’s souls through spiritual counseling. All of these that make you so uniquely you!

My visit was very comforting. I was able to connect with my late husband and put aside some of my deepest concerns

Ivory Angelic has a very gentle, yet insightful style. Once I relaxed into the conversation and trusted her, it became a very beneficial and fun! I am still recalling things she told me and am energized by them. Thank you Ivory!!

I spontaneously decided to have a reading with Ivory and was so glad I did! I was really stressed out about a situation that I dealing with. Ivory showed me a new perspective on the way things were headed. It gave me such hope that I immediately felt less stressed and could cope much better. She also gave me advice on a health issue that proved to be correct.

I would not hesitate to have future readings with her. I knew upon meeting her that she genuinely wanted to be of help. She has such a sweet spirit (and a beautiful voice). I felt my whole mood lift as I headed home.

Ivory Angelic’s angel reading for me was completely accurate. She gave lovely, gentle, grounded and inspired angelic messages. Ivory has a divine gift. She is a Sedona treasure.

Was drawn here and decided to do a reading. Very glad I did! Excited to know I am on the right path. Thank you for bringing me clarity and peace!

My session with Ivory was amazing. She’s an incredible soul who is very talented and compassionate. We had the opportunity to see her talents as a medium and experienced medical QiGong healer. I highly recommend her.

I found myself in Sedona and looking over an assortment of Psychics at a neat little place across from Telaqeupaque. Ivory Angelic drew my attention so I decided to try 30 minutes, which I then upped to 60 minutes as she was compelling. Other than my name, I provided no information. 3 separate beings came through and each had information for me only they could have known. Next time I am in Sedona, I will look her up again.

I cannot tell you how comforting it was to connect with my grandfather through your mediumship. You were able to share information from my Papa that only he and I knew about. I loved that you described his appearance, just as I had remembered him. What you were able to communicate gave me confirmation that I do feel him around from time to time and now I am aware of the signs he is leaving for me. I believe one has to experience this type of session to understand and appreciate how comforting it is to hear from loved ones that have crossed over.

Thank you Ivory for a wonderful reading today. I can‘t believe how you picked up on my best friend who died. You got her age and the colour of our school uniform which validated you have made a true connection. You picked up how my best friends death created fear and anxiety. I am amazed and blown away by your mediumship abilities. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift and bringing much comfort and love into people’s heart. I feel blessed making the connection with you today. xx

Ivory was very caring & professional during my reading with her. Ivory was very accurate in details that only I would know & verified with my family the parts i could not initially remember. There was no way she could have known i was sitting with my Dad’s shirt, who has transitioned/ passed over & when my Dad came through: it was described to me to the tee!"

Thank you Ivory for helping me get a question answered by my Grandmother about a future career choice. I highly recommend Ivory for her talents & knowledge.

Ivory gave me a mediumship reading and was able to connect with my Grandmother. Ivory gave very specific details and actually told me a phrase that my Grandmother often said to me.

Ivory is easy to talk to and has a soothing way as she goes about the session. Ivory also connected with other family members too. I recommend Ivory for those whom need to connect with their loved ones. Thanks Ivory!

I had a session with Ivory recently, not because I wanted to be in touch with anyone in particular but because it had been close to 20 years since my last reading. A few spirits stepped forward (one that was unexpected but very welcome) including my grandmother & her sister. The next day, I called my mom to verify a few things that I wasn’t certain of. Ivory was spot on.

I’m certain that reading was more for my mom than for me. I bet it made my grandma and great aunt as happy as it made Mom and me. My next reading will be with more specific guidance in mind. Thank you Ivory!

Ivory, thank you again for the wonderful reading last Friday afternoon. Later that evening more validation came thru regarding what (her deceased husband) said. Good job!

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