Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Sedona Soul Sisters Show. We gather today to honor the memory of our beloved Roz and to share the news about the future of Sedona Soul Sisters.

* Remembering Roz and Business Transition*

In a bittersweet turn of events, we share the passing of our dear friend and co-founder, Roz. Her spirit was the heartbeat of Sedona Soul Sisters, and her presence will be deeply missed. We honor her legacy and send love to her on the next phase of her soul’s journey.

Ivory announces the passing of the business torch to Christel. Ivory reflects on the origin story of Sedona Soul Sisters and Christel shares about her spiritual journey that lead to this opportunity.

*Embracing Psychic & Spiritual Gifts*

Ivory and Christel share their personal stories of discovering and developing their unique abilities.

* Releasing Resistance & Trusting Guidance*

Many individuals grapple with resistance to their spiritual gifts. Ivory and Christel delve into strategies to release this resistance, fostering a space for growth and curiosity. Trusting the guidance received from the universe is a key element with practical tips on how to tune into that inner wisdom.

* Booking Soul Contract and Angelic Guidance Sessions*

Book a Soul Contract session with Christel to explore the agreements your soul has made in this lifetime. Call the center to schedule an Angelic Guidance session with Ivory to receive insights and wisdom from the celestial realms.


As we remember Roz and embark on a new chapter with Christel, may you find inspiration and guidance to embrace your own spiritual gifts. Remember, the universe has a plan for each of us, and we are here to support you on your journey.


Until next time, may your soul be guided by the light within.

Tune in next week for another dynamic episode.