What if pain—physical, mental, and emotional—isn’t a burden to endure but a profound messenger with the power to transform your life and unlock a portal to personal growth and deeper meaning?

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Each breath you take, aligned with love, repairs the healing web on planet Earth.

Setting Our Intention

Let’s begin this episode by setting our intention. If there’s a place in your body where you’re currently experiencing pain, place your hands there if it feels comfortable. Otherwise, place your hands wherever it feels most supportive. Gently close your eyes, turn your attention inward, and begin deepening your breath. Open your heart, expand your belly and rib cage, and soften any tension you find yourself holding.

The Relationship with Pain

Pain is an inescapable part of the human experience, yet our relationship with it is often one of resistance, fear, and avoidance. We usually view pain as an enemy to be conquered, a problem to be solved, or a burden to be endured. But what if we shifted our perspective and saw pain as not just a source of suffering but as a profound messenger and a portal to personal growth and transformation?

Understanding Toxic Positivity

It’s important to take note of toxic positivity, which isn’t the focus here. This episode isn’t about saying, “Pain is a beautiful thing and magic—poof, your life transforms!” We’re not gaslighting ourselves or tricking ourselves into thinking that physical, mental, and emotional pain isn’t difficult. The key is to fully honor and validate our experience without getting stuck in old patterns or mental habit loops.

Reducing Stress and Embracing the Present

First, we must come fully into the present moment, honor our feelings, and reduce stress in our systems. The foundational aspect of shifting our relationship with pain is recognizing that it’s incredibly stressful to be in pain on any level. One way to reduce stress is through gentle, slow breaths, noticing what areas of the body are holding pain, and offering them support without forcing.

A Personal Journey with Pain

I want to share a brief part of my story so that you know the relationship with pain has been a personal journey for me long before it became my profession. I was very sick as a child, almost died at six months old, and grew up in an unhealthy environment. I had extreme allergies and asthma and almost died thousands of times. Despite being sick, I was an athlete and sustained a severe back injury at 17, which led doctors to tell me I’d be on pain medication forever and never compete again. This injury lit a spark inside me that put me on a different path.

Navigating Through Pain

After the injury, I was in constant pain, and it was debilitating. But this pain led me to seek other pathways for healing. Initially, I focused on healing asthma and allergies, but the physical pain led me to practices that supported my own body. This opened the pathway for me to step into healing work, which was initially for my own healing and later became my profession.

Approaching Pain Holistically

In working with pain, the first place to start is reducing stress in your system through breath, relaxation, and support. Recognize there are many approaches to work with pain, and the more avenues you explore simultaneously, the faster things can shift. Addressing the physicality of the injury, including water and nutrition, and then looking at the mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul aspects are crucial.

Micro Changes for Sustainable Growth

Micro changes can create sustainable lifestyle changes. Focus on adding instead of taking away in your nutrition plans, and ensure you’re getting enough water. Movement is also essential. Even small movements, like stretching in bed or chair exercises, can aid significantly in reducing pain and improving mobility.

Pain as a Messenger and Portal

Pain is often a messenger and a portal, sometimes understood in hindsight. For example, my back injury at 17 led me to a career in healing arts. Exploring pain’s message can help create greater health and vibrancy. Employ practices like journaling, self-inquiry, and deep compassion to understand the message behind the pain.

Breathing Practice for Stress Reduction

One helpful breathing practice is focusing on a longer exhale than the inhale. For example, inhale for a count of four and exhale for a count of six. This practice helps calm the nervous system, reducing the feeling of pain and stress.


Be gentle with your exploration of pain’s message and the invitation it offers. Open your mind to what is possible and support your body through stress reduction, proper nutrition, hydration, and movement. Embrace the journey through pain, and it might lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your purpose, and the interconnectedness of all life.

Feel free to leave your questions in the comments if you’re watching this on YouTube or any other platform. Thank you for being a part of our community. Until next time, breathe gently, follow your guidance, and create miracles.

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