Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Sedona Soul Sisters Show. Today I’m joined by my longtime friend and psychic medium Julia Novak

Podcast Episode 140: Clear Your Energy, Clear Your Mind

Host: Christel Arcucci
Guest: Julia Novak

Background and Synchronicity:
– Christel mentions her former healing center in the San Francisco Bay Area and the synchronicity of Julia visiting when she purchased Sedona Soul Sisters.
– The conversation highlights the magical timing and synchronicity in their connection.

Focus on Clearing Energy:
– Julia shares her focus for the year: “Clear Your Energy, Clear Your Mind.”
– The inspiration came from the post-pandemic overwhelm and mental health crises.
– Emphasis on the idea that people are sensitive to energy and can impact their well-being.

Julia’s Origin Story:
– Julia talks about her background as a writer, spiritual counselor, and psychic medium for over 25 years.
– She shares her personal journey from sensitivity and depression to discovering her psychic abilities.
– The turning point was when someone told her she wasn’t crazy but psychic, transforming her life.

Connecting with Nature and Intuition:
– The discussion emphasizes the importance of nature in managing energy and connecting with intuition.
– Both hosts share their experiences of intuitive messages through animals and nature.

Practical Tips for Clearing Energy:
– Julia teaches a simple exercise called the “spiral” to become aware of one’s energy.
– Getting outside and connecting with nature is recommended for grounding and clearing energy.
– Christelle shares her commitment to daily hiking for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Listening to Intuition in Silence:
– They discuss the challenge of hearing intuition in a noisy, overwhelmed state.
– Julia highlights the need to quiet the mind and connect with intuition through nature.

Applying Clearing Practices at the Year’s End:
– Julia suggests a ritual to release and offer up uncompleted tasks to the earth.
– Her family’s practice of choosing a word for the new year that sets the tone for personal energy and experience.
– Recognizing that January 1st is not the only day for energetic shifts; awareness gives time.

Celebrating Completeness and Gratitude:
– Christel emphasizes celebrating what was completed during the year.
– Acknowledging the value of failure as a learning opportunity and celebrating progress.
– Finding moments of gratitude and celebration for experiences.

Closing Words and Encouragement:
– Julia encourages listeners to recognize their energetic being as a blessing.
– Tap into the power of being an energetic being with simple practices.
– A closing wish for everyone to be excited about their energetic nature.

The next episode about working with breath work and completing soul contracts.

– Invites listeners to join the next episode.

Julia’s book & blog

Julia’s Book – Down and Back – Living Happy with Depression: https://www.amazon.com/Down-Back-Guide-Living-Depression/dp/173231912X/
Julia’s blog on Medium https://julianovak.medium.com/

Remember, the universe has a plan for each of us, and we are here to support you on your journey.


Until next time, may your soul be guided by the light within.