Hello everyone, and welcome! I’m Christel Arcucci. In today’s show, we will practice to support you in awakening your psychic and spiritual gifts, living your purpose, and releasing old soul contracts that may no longer serve you. Each of these topics is a crucial part of our work at Sedona Soul Sisters.

You might wonder why I’m starting with breath work instead of meditation.

Meditation is a powerful practice, and many people have shown interest in it over the years. However, I begin with breath work because some people have the misconception that meditation requires completely clearing the mind. The emptiness and stillness of the mind can be elusive. My focus in meditation is on being with what is rather than trying to forcefully empty the mind.

Attempting to calm the mind without acknowledging its current state can be counterproductive. It’s like telling a hyper child to sit down and be quiet – the more you try, the more intense the energy becomes. Shifting our focus to being with what is, accessing that beingness through the quality of breath, provides a more enjoyable meditation experience.

I’ve been meditating for over 35 years, and there are still challenging days. Instead of trying to fight a difficult practice, I’ve learned to turn my attention to the breath and be with the discomfort. Sitting with ourselves, being with our experiences, and not trying to change them is a powerful practice, especially in a world of instant gratification and distractions.

Breath work serves as a powerful anchor and tool to support your meditation practice. Starting with breath work allows the mind something to engage with, making it easier to transition into a more centered and relaxed state. Your comfort during meditation is crucial, so ensure you are in a supported position, whether using a chair or sitting on a yoga ball.

I encourage you to close your eyes, focus on your breath, and notice any areas of tension in your body. Imagine an hourglass from your mind to your heart and hips, with energy flowing through the sand. Take deeper breaths, gently expanding and returning to center. The breath becomes an anchor point for the monkey mind, providing something to focus on and making it easier to achieve stillness.

I introduce two breath practices – a calming breath practice with a longer exhale for anxiety or bedtime, and an energizing breath practice with a longer inhale for alertness. These practices can be incorporated into your daily life, helping to shift your physiology and the quality of your mind.

Moving into the topic of soul contracts, these are agreements we made on a soul level with ourselves and others. Soul contracts evolve over time, and breath work and meditation play a crucial role in understanding and changing them. By being with what is and using these practices, you gain clarity on your experiences and can shift your energy and attention toward the soul contracts you want to live.

Soul contract sessions at Sedona Soul Sisters, whether in person or over the phone, offer powerful ways to shift your path forward. I encourage you to explore these practices and reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for being part of this community, and I look forward to supporting your intuitive awakening and soul purpose. Stay tuned for our next exciting episode featuring a Violet Flame DNA activation with Terri-Ann. Leave a review, subscribe, and see you next time!