I’m thrilled that Terri-Ann Russell is rejoining Sedona, soul sisters after some time away, she is the creator of the violet flame DNA activation, which is exactly what this episode is about.

We recorded her doing a DNA activation session for me. It was so beautiful and gentle deep work and such a beautiful healing space.

The benefits of the Violet Flame session are DNA activation and recoding, which turns on the light to who you can become. It may include light language written or spoken to activate and update your internal coding and finding your path of self-discovery. It replaces outdated DNA with new crystalline encoded DNA.

It connects you to your gifts, clairs and higher self.

The violet flame healing and recoding method helps to annihilate fear and it influences your gene expression with recoding.

The violet flame 4.0 healing removes seals, implants, oaths, vows, and brings in crystalline energy.

It takes you on a healing journey of clearing out the outdated DNA, activating the DNA that has been dormant and. I found it incredibly beautiful and I look forward to hearing about your experience.

Book your Violet Flame DNA Activation Session with Terri-Ann https://SedonaSoulSisters.as.me/Terri-Ann-Violet

Tune in next week for: How to use Reiki for self-healing even if you haven’t attended a training yet.