Episode Highlights: Meeting Angelic Guides for Divine Messages from Celestial Companions

1. **Overcoming Religious Trauma:** Ivory LaNoue guides a session aimed at spiritual seekers looking to connect with angelic guides, addressing the fear often associated with angels due to past religious challenges.

2. **Transformative Session:** Christel Arcucci, experiences a powerful “Meet Your Angelic Guides” session, sharing the journey of connection and healing.

3. **Transparent Insights:** Christel discusses edited parts of the session, emphasizing the personal and sacred nature of the angelic encounter.

4. **Extensive Team of Guides:** Explore the various beings in an individual’s angelic team, including guardian angels and master guides, providing continuous support throughout life.

5. **Synchronicity and Signs:** Ivory delves into methods of angelic communication, discussing synchronicity, signs, and symbols as powerful tools for understanding divine messages.

6. **Healing Religious Trauma:** Emphasizing that angels transcend specific religions, Ivory encourages listeners to embrace the universal support available, fostering healing from religious trauma.

7. **The Power of Trust:** The episode concludes with a recap highlighting the importance of trust and openness in deepening one’s connection with their angelic team.

8. **Unlocking Psychic Gifts:** Discover the transformative journey of unlocking psychic gifts, overcoming fears, and embracing the miracles that unfold on the spiritual path.

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  • How your guides become a part of your team
  • Why certain guides are with you
  • How angels and guides try to get your attention
  • How long angels and guides are with you
  • How to open communications with them

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