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Twin Flame Relationship

Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Relationships There is so much information on twin flame relationships now, much of which is inaccurate and can become confusing. Most twin flame relationships start, powerfully and unexpectedly. Frequently, the people experiencing the effects of this powerful energy connection find that many of the traits of their twin flame are not what they would normally be attracted to, or seek out. Their mutual attraction is like a fiery, all-consuming passion they have never experienced before. They feel obsessed with their twin flame and are magnetically pulled together by passion and simultaneously pushed apart by the fear of vulnerability in this powerful emotional whirlwind. The purpose of

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Spiritual Cleansing Experience

It Sneaks Up on You The first time you go through a spiritual cleansing experience, it will likely surprise you.  There are three phases to this kind of cleansing and no guarantee of what order they will happen in. The levels are:  Relationships & Work, Negative Input, and Diet Why Do We Have a Spiritual         Cleansing Experience? As you move ahead on your spiritual journey, your vibrations are rising.  You will reach a point where your vibrations no longer mesh well with the vibrations of certain parts of your life.  The sense of discomfort is acute and will not just go away. If you

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Clinical Alchemy

Reshaping Ourselves for the New Year Every New Year,  I seek to improve my health, generate balance, and find new inspiration for the year ahead.  Experience has taught me this journey is made possible if we follow some simple steps to achieving our goals. Setting Realistic Goals First, we begin by looking honestly at where we’re at.  Then at what’s a manageable commitment for us to achieve. I have experienced the ups and downs of creating unrealistic goals that didn’t fit into the reality of my everyday life.  Which resulted in failure and loss of self esteem.  This led back to the habits I was looking to shed

Synchronicity & Intention Equals Manifestation

Updated December 28th, 2017 – I narrate a YouTube video below. There are many wonderful things that happen in our lives we can’t explain. We like to say these are coincidences because that fits with our “everything is logical” mindset. However, many situations which occur in our lives are so out of the ordinary and can have no possible explanation. These extraordinary events are so amazing. We can only attribute them to what would be described as synchronicity or angelic intervention. Coincidence? From an intuitive perspective, synchronicity is an amazing alignment of occurrences which, from a logical perspective, seem totally impossible. These energetically aligned events result in us