For assistance with your health call Sarah Akala clinical alchemist

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For assistance with your health call Sarah Akala clinical alchemist

Sarah Akala – Clinical Alchemist

Reshaping Ourselves for the New Year

Every New Year,  I seek to improve my health, generate balance, and find new inspiration for the year ahead.  Experience has taught me this journey is made possible if we follow some simple steps to achieving our goals.

Setting Realistic Goals

First, we begin by looking honestly at where we’re at.  Then at what’s a manageable commitment for us to achieve. I have experienced the ups and downs of creating unrealistic goals that didn’t fit into the reality of my everyday life.  Which resulted in failure and loss of self esteem.  This led back to the habits I was looking to shed in the first place.
Second, is to do little projects that reinforce your goals. I find it very helpful to write a manifesto; or to form vision boards and spend some time contemplating it every day.  Staying active and enthusiastic is a key to success.

Treat Yourself With Kindness

Third is to be kind and gentle with yourself, if you have a set-back of any size, don’t let it give way to an excuse to quit what you are trying to accomplish. Just lovingly reconnect with your goal and your higher self who wants the very best for you always.

How Clinical Alchemy Fits Into This

In my clinical alchemy practice, I use Spagyric Essences, which are alchemically prepared herbal and mineral formulas.  They are created in our Sedona laboratory. These powerful essences have a profound effect on mind, body, and spirit.  They accelerate your multidimensional healing, and inner awareness,thus creating deep lasting change.
My expertise is in hormonal health, depression, weight balance, and healing the limbic system. I have many years of experience helping women find gentle and balanced paths to true integrative health.

Blessings for You

I look forward to getting to know you in this new year!
May you be blessed with joy, faith, contentment, and knowledge in this year and the years to come!

By Sarah Akala

(805) 280-3626   Or email

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Synchronicity & Intention Equals Manifestation

Updated December 28th, 2017 – I narrate a YouTube video below.

There are many wonderful things that happen in our lives we can’t explain. We like to say these are coincidences because that fits with our “everything is logical” mindset. However, many situations which occur in our lives are so out of the ordinary and can have no possible explanation. These extraordinary events are so amazing. We can only attribute them to what would be described as synchronicity or angelic intervention.


From an intuitive perspective, synchronicity is an amazing alignment of occurrences which, from a logical perspective, seem totally impossible. These energetically aligned events result in us receiving, achieving and accomplishing dreams which we have envisioned and hoped for. When they happen (manifest) we are amazed and thrilled. Synchronicity is rarely discussed except as a mystical series of events. And yet it is the major facet of the mind/body/spirit manifesting ability.


Synchronicity was first coined as a word by Carl Jung. It indicates a connection between our thoughts, dreams and visions and real events through an unlikely quantum physics connection. For example, you begin to think about someone you haven’t seen in a very long time. They appear in your thoughts “out of the blue”, and suddenly you run into them after years. Even though it was extremely unlikely you would ever encounter them again. This simple example is about the connection our psychic sixth sense has to our spirit. And how it subconsciously “connects the dots” prior to the event occurring.

Focus Of Attention

The same thing happens when we focus on an intense desire for events to occur that we want, for some good purpose. We think and feel these events, we see them happening, we put our energy into these visions and dreams. And suddenly they align and manifest. In short, synchronicity manifestations are the synchronization result of our intense desires, dreams and intentions creating the energy to make thing happen in a sequence of events. Our soul/spirit, our willingness to envision and ask that our wishes and dreams come true and the focus of our energetic intention all contribute to these amazing synchronicities. It’s quantum physics!

And yet, from a psychic and spiritual perspective, it’s far more than just science. When we engage our entire thoughts, feelings and desires, we are asking that these events happen as we want, and need these events to manifest in our lives, our angels get involved too. Asking in prayer or affirmation just strengthens the energy we are sending out that realigns and creates unique streams of energetic events to bring the result we desire.


Of course, it goes without saying that these events have to be for our best good, and we must have the best intention for everyone and everything besides ourselves for which we are creating this vision. The broad perspective that our desires and dreams might include someone else can also only occur if that person desires, of their own free will, to be part of our dream. The manifestation must result in happiness for all because we cannot have any intention to create the synchronicity to manifest otherwise.

So, there you have it, a simple equation to work on bringing your hopes and dreams into fruition. Synchronicity plus intention resulting in manifesting your hopes and dreams. Of course, always with the belief and faith that it will manifest as long as it’s in the best good for you and all involved. Dream, create, enjoy!

Rozlyn Reynolds

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Energy Healing

How Energy Clearing and Balancing Facilitates Our Healing

Energy HealingUpdated December 28th, 2017 – I added a YouTube video below.

Recently I was doing an intuitive reading for a client. I could sense and see in her Akashic record some specific ages during her childhood and youth when she experienced intense trauma that needed energy clearing, balancing and healing.

When I told her what I was seeing and the various ages they occurred, she looked puzzled. Children rarely remember how intense and what form the traumatic events took during their experience. Once we see it in the format of an energy reading we have the opportunity to clear and release.

We hold on to pain, disappointment, fear, doubt and regret that occurred in our emotional young age. Unbeknown to us, these events keep our heart from healing and moving forward and our spirit from flying free in joy.

At this point, I gave her a piece of Rose Quartz to hold in her hand. Rose quartz is one of the crystals of the heart Chakra and can help people who are experiencing heart ache.


No matter what event or emotional trauma occurred, it leaves an energy blockage in our energy field. And whatever age we were when it happened, the body, mind and spirit retains that energy. Unless we decide to work through it and release the remains of what happened.

Then I told her that her life goals and desires were being made difficult to accomplish and achieve. Mainly because she had closed down her reception to allowing herself to receive and be open. She was afraid of the pain and huge disappointment of those events long ago.

In other words, she was blocked primarily because she was still stuck in the emotions of those events that happened decades ago.

Clearing, Balancing And Healing

I suggested we begin a clearing and balancing process during her session. I felt this would help her heal the emotional wounds of her childhood events by helping her to allow herself to release the stored energy she had retained.

She hesitated a moment before she agreed. When I began clearing and removing the stored energy we could both feel the heaviness of her sadness lifting. This is achieved by requesting high frequency white light energy be sent through me by our guardian angels, guides and loving masters.

I was sitting at my desk across my small office from my client who was sitting on the couch.

I did not feel called to use the crystal healing rods as I sometimes do. Suddenly the quiet of my office was broken by a loud “clink”. One of the double terminated clear quartz rods I keep in a glass vase on my desk moved without being touched!

Angelic Guidance

We were both stunned and commented on what happened since neither of us was near the rod. After a moment, she closed her eyes as I extended my hands out in front of me to continue the clearing and balancing. And then the quartz rod went “clink” as it moved again!

I have never had any of those crystal rods move on their own accord. So I knew this was our angelic guides intervening and telling us what was needed to help her move forward.

It was a surprising moment for us both, and I gave thanks that although I didn’t feel the need to use them, it was obvious they would help her.

I picked up the clinking crystal rod and held in my hand. Clear Quartz crystals have a very high vibrational energy field. The white light energy being directed by our angels and guides through the quartz crystal to amplify the healing energies.

As the energy flow intensifies, the quartz crystal becomes charged and radiates this energy in the form of heat. Both of us also became very warm from this high frequency energy after a couple of minutes.

The Painful Knee

We continued the process of clearing, peeling away the years of pain, sorrow and childhood grief she held in her heart. We were dissolving the disappointment of her young life that was thrown into insecurity and heartbreak.

I could feel she was also experiencing some actual physical pain. I felt the pain concentration in her knee, I asked her if she had an old or recent injury there. She confirmed that she had a recent skiing injury. She and her doctors were waiting to see if it would heal on its own before considering surgery.

Removing Pain Energy

Clearing the energy concentration we feel at an injury site can help facilitate managing pain and allowing the body to work toward healing itself.

After a few moments, I asked her how she was feeling and she was appreciative of receiving some pain relief. I was also guided to remind her to pursue what her doctors had suggested for her skiing injury. The recommended healing modality would now be of benefit because the pain energy had been re-balanced.

I said, I’m not a psychologist or a psychotherapist, I am a psychic and this is what I see. Then I suggested she may want to seek the services of a professional counselor to help her continue the healing process.

She said that when she returned home she would be able to continue working on both her physical and emotional recovery with her healthcare providers.

The Recovery Process

The physical body wants to repair itself when we are not well due to injury or illness. We are a body, mind and spirit being. Our desire to recover from physical and emotional injury connects us with our higher consciousness. This connection in turn becomes a flowing stream of healing white light energy that connects us with our angels and master guides.

Surrendering to that streaming energy flow of love and healing is an important element of this process. You are connecting with your loving angels, guides and creator God to facilitate your mind, body and spirit recovery.

Ask your angels, guides and creator God to assist during and after this process for your continued healing. While you work with your medical practitioners, ask to be guided to and surrounded with the white light of healing love.

Thank you for taking time to read this message. I have clients, friends and family who have experienced what I call my clearing and balancing process. The effects are powerful and palpable. I am honored to offer this service in person, by phone or Skype.

I am also happy to offer a written version of my clearing and balancing process which I downloaded during prayer 30 years ago. This is a process I use daily to raise my frequency and allow me to be of service to others. If you feel a need or desire to use this process yourself, it is available for free by entering your email address below.

Many blessings,


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Learn more about how to protect your empath self with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Empath Protection Guidance

Learn more about how to protect your empath self with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Learn More About Protecting Yourself with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Stuck on Receive

If you are an empath, like I am, you know how difficult it is to live your life without being overly affected by the emotions of others.  It is possible to get a grip on this with my empath protection guidance.

You can turn down what you receive, and learn to avoid much of the negative emotions that assault you.  I am going to take you through the steps I used to take control of my empathic abilities and live a happier life.  This is part of the spiritual protection that you need daily.

You are the Key

This situation is about a special ability you have to feel what others feel.  Would you be surprised to hear that you do not have to feel everything all of the time?  It’s true.  Every day, start by following the actions and mantra below:

Hold both hands at the level of the top of your head, with palms flat, facing down.  As you say the words below, slowly move your hands down to your hip level, then out to the sides.

I am shutting down my upper chakras,

and opening my upper chakras.

Say this 3 times, repeating the hand movements.  Envision doors closing firmly to your upper chakras, and then a root coming down from your root chakra deep down into the Earth.

This allows you to start your day feeling only your own feelings.  You can reverse this process if you need to be open to do a reading or provide another service that requires your empathic skill.

Set Boundaries

You can set boundaries with your empathic ability that will reduce the amount of negative emotion you are exposed to.   Here are the specific ways you can do this:

  • Avoid watching the news- they focus on negativity and chaos.  It is designed to cause feelings of fear and hopelessless.
  • Avoid watching or reading anything that is violent or scary.  When you watch or read things that are violent/scary, it changes your vibrations to a discordant vibration, and the feelings of fear brought up by what you see/read, affects your emotions dramatically.
  • Shield yourself by repeating the movements/mantra provided above when you need to go to a crowded place of any kind.  You need to be sure your chakras are prepared so you can enjoy yourself.
  • Stop trying to save everyone-  That is not why you are here or why you were given this ability.  You are here to help people, but it is not your task to save the world.  Be discerning about who you help, how you help, and your own welfare.
  • Cut ties with toxic people- Some people affect you so negatively that you cannot afford to be around them.  The effects will last far beyond the actual time you are with them.  These people deplete your energy.  If they are family, drastically reduce the amount of time you are around them, and the conditions that you will be around them in.

Ivory LaNoue

Fill Your Soul

It is important that you remember to do what fills your soul.   As an empath, you give a lot of yourself to others.  This can lead to your “battery” being drained.

Make time to do the things that give you joy and recharge your spirit.  Spend some time outdoors regularly, try grounding or what my friend Janet and I call watering, which involves suspending your bare feet in fresh running water.

Enjoy your hobbies, make music, dance, express yourself, spend time with friends who lift you up.

What a Difference

Before I implemented these changes, I felt trapped by my ability to feel other’s emotions.  On day one of making these changes, I experienced a turn-around.  I could go to crowded stores and events with no problem at all.  My overall mood lifted, and I was able to focus even better in my readings.

Put these proven steps to the test for yourself and come back to leave a comment.  I want to know how you are doing 2-4 weeks into this empath protection guidance program.

Ivory LaNoue

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Relationship Cycle

relationship cycle spiritual counseling with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Get Help Breaking Your Relationship Cycle 928-282-2243

What is a Relationship Cycle?

Think back on your romantic relationships. Chances are that you have been in a relationship cycle at some point. If this is a new concept for you, you may still be in that cycle.

A relationship cycle is when you find yourself dealing with the same issues, and even the same personalities over and over, though the new partner seemed so completely different from your past partner.

When I worked in the field of mental health, relationship cycles were a common issue with the patients. I find that I deal with this topic even more working as an intuitive.

How Do I Know For Sure?

If you are stuck in a relationship cycle, you have likely identified the common traits that your partners had, which can include how the relationship began, and the issues that caused you difficulties.

You might be wondering how in the world you find yourself in the same situation again. It can be quite baffling. That is because knowing you are in a cycle is just the start of breaking the cycle. Next you need to begin identifying why you are drawn to your particular cycle.

Some Examples

  • Janice is in her third marriage. Each of her husbands has had a serious addiction, and was abusive. Janice would leave a marriage, find a new partner and quickly marry. Shortly afterward, she would be dealing with the same issues that she found intolerable in her previous marriage.
  • Doris was living with a man who she discovered had a sexual addiction. He liked to go to erotic massage parlors and strip clubs. When she learned this, she was devastated because her last relationship was with a man who was addicted to online porn and spent thousands of dollars on webcam sites. Doris said she had made sure that her new boyfriend was not into porn. She felt broadsided.
  • Daniel had recently discovered that his fiance was making plans for them to buy a home without consulting him first. She had put a down payment and expected him to follow her wishes. This triggered Daniel because a previous relationship was with a woman who did not respect him, did not include him in plans, and had left him owing money on items he did not even want.

If you are an empath, chances are that you have been drawn to a narcissist. Your caring nature and ability to feel the pain of others makes you a target for the narcissist who is hunting for someone to fill the void in them. A relationship cycle involving narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths is the most toxic cycle possible. They are unable to feel love.

relationship cycle spiritual counseling with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

What Can Be Done?

There is a lot that can be done to help you break the cycle, get strong, and move forward in your life in a way that is authentic for you. It takes delving into why you are drawn to a certain type of person; why you allow others to mistreat you and stay with them; why you do not feel you deserve better.

Using my counseling experience, and intuitive skills I can help you on this journey. You will have to do the work, and strive to make changes within yourself. But I will be your spiritual coach, cheering you on, advising you, and lifting you up when you need it.

Healing take courage. Decide to not continue in a toxic cycle any longer. Let’s break the cycle together.



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Moving Away from Our Hearts

Moving Away From Our HeartMoving Away from Our Heart

As our technology moves with lightning speed into cyberspace, our perception of reality and what we thought, even ten years ago, as impossible is now a daily information stream that sits in our hand. This technological revolution is pushing us away from our heart.

Our intellectual minds are constantly challenged to keep with both random bits of information we use to drive, plan our day, figure out where we are ~ and make decisions that will determine the outcome of many vital issues in our lives.

Intuition vs. Technology

Use of what our intuition knows (what we sense) vs. what technology shows us can be a confirmation or a conflict. This technology has the potential to show us ways to move into our psychic higher consciousness connections and ascend into greater connection with our intuitive inner spirit. Or it has the power to move us away from our innate connection with source and self into manipulated mind control and into an artificial intelligence robotic existence.

The Connection

Our psychic, intuitive ability is a mind-body-spirit function. A function of creating mental, physical and spiritual oneness. The true necessity to retain the best of our humanity in all these aspects is our connection to our heart.

Without our heart connection the mind and body become a repetitive motion of mere existence. In our overly micro managed world, we become truly robotic in nature. We become lost in the intellectual pursuit of acquiring knowledge.

It is the heart and our desire for our spiritual depth and the desire to FEEL our purpose and follow our heart’s guidance that speaks to us and awakens the inner knowing.

Love Energy

If we take time each day to replenish our heart connection. We will remain in our heart energy of love, compassion and kindness. Take time to stay close to our heart’s center and our desire to love and give love. Listen when it speaks to you. Because, in the end, it is our heart that will sense our direction by knowing what is right intuitively. And innately we will follow our heart home.

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More Spiritual Protection Methods

Learn how to protect yourself spiritually with Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

Learn How to Protect Yourself   Ivory Angelic

Like a Moth to the Flame

The brighter your light, the more attracted darkness will be to it. It will delight in holding you back from achieving your mission, or causing you to sink into fear.

In part I of this topic, I addressed prayers, invocations, and other verbal spiritual protection. This post is about physical items which are useful to protect yourself spiritually.

Start With a Thorough Cleanse

I do not mean a domestic cleaning.  I mean a spiritual cleansing of your home, and work space.  This can be done with:

  • Sage smudge.  I like to crumble some leaves in my smudging shell, light them, blow it out and carry it room to room, praying, and stating my intention “Only that of the highest and best good for myself, my family and friends may enter this home/office.  Anything that is not of the light must leave now and forever.”  I also pray as I do this.  If you use an entire sage bundle, you will have to bury the entire thing in the ground after you smudge your home/office.
  • Palo Santo wood.  You light the end, blow it out and use the smoke to smudge your home/office.  The smell is easier to tolerate for some people. Follow the same steps above, except you do not need to bury the stick afterward.
  • Lavendar, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose Essential Oil enhance spiritual protection.  You use all, or a combination of these.  Dab a bit on the corners of all doorways and windows, as you state your intentions, and pray.  This is really nice for people with allergies, as the scents are better tolerated.

On to Crystals

Get four quartz crystals.  They do not need to be perfectly clear, but do need to be truncated (pointed) on at least one end.  Wrap each crystal with copper wire.  You can get this wire inexpensively at a hardware store.

Put one copper wire wrapped quartz crystal in each of the four corners of your home, and office space.  The fifth goes in the center of your home, or office.  If your home has a garage attached to the home, one of the crystals will go in the corner of the garage, as it counts as part of your home.

This puts a grid of protection into your space.  You can bury small copper wire wrapped quartz crystals around the perimeter of your property to add more protection.

More Spiritual Protection Methods

One of my favorites is Orgonite products, which I was introduced to by Ed Movius, who supplies our shop with very high vibration Orgonite items.  Orgonite is resin with small pieces of curled metal in it.  Ed adds particular crystals and semi precious gemstones to his products, to increase the vibrations.  These products protect you from EMF and radiation, as well as providing spiritual protection from dark energy and people.

They come in different shapes for a variety of purposes:

  • Pendants-  You can wear them all day if you frequently deal with psychic vampires, and low vibration people.  You can wear one overnight to protect you further from nightmares, unwanted night visitations, and overnight dark energy attacks.
  • Tower Busters-  They go on the outside four corners of your home and property to lay down a more powerful grid of protection.  They are decorative as well as functional.
  • Pyramids-  These are meant to go under your bed to stop nightmares, and overnight dark energy attacks.  These are great for children who are having nightmares and night terrors.  If you find the energy to be too much, keeping you awake, move the pyramid to your bedside stand.

Taking Things Further

If you put copper wrapped quartz crystals in place and orgonite, and you continue to have issues with dark energy, you can add another layer of protection.  That is to put a salt ring around your property, or at least around your home.

Use Celtic sea salt.  You will need 3-4 containers of it.  Start at one corner of your property, sprinkling a little salt as you slowly walk your property.  While you do this, envision a wall of white light protection going miles down into the Earth and miles up into the sky.  Out loud, say “Nothing that is not of the best and highest good for myself, my family and my friends may enter this property.  Anything that is not of the light must leave now.”  Say the last line forcefully.  When you have come back to the original corner, say a prayer.

After it rains, you will need to lay this salt circle down again. If a break occurs in the circle, you will start experiencing dark events again.  Simply reinforce your circle. If you are psychic, you can tune into where the circle is broken and just reinforce that area.

In Conclusion

These are not all of the physical items of protection you can use. The list is quite long and cannot be addressed in this one post.  If you have questions about dark energy attacks, or spiritual protection you may reach me by email to discuss this (, or set up a spiritual counseling session so I may give you personalized advice about your specific situation.

Yours in light,


Call Ivory Angelic to discover your mission 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

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Finding Your Spiritual Mission

Call Ivory Angelic to discover your spiritual mission 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic helps you to discover your mission 928-282-2243

What is My Mission?

That is a question I am asked frequently.  I remember that same question looming large in my own mind.  The direct answer will not come from a reading, though I can give you intuitive guidance about the next step toward your spiritual mission.  Understand that the journey itself is crucial to preparing you to be successful in your mission.

So how can you make progress in finding your spiritual mission?  I have come up with some practical methods for you to explore, so you get to your mission, or purpose, faster.

Finding Your Spiritual Mission

  1. Go back to your childhood.  What did you want to be back then?  What were your passions?  Not the silly ones like my 10 year old dream of driving big rigs so I could eat hamburgers while I drive.  What did you love doing? You may have given it up due to negative feedback from the adults in your life.  You may have chosen to given it up, thinking you needed to be more practical.  Give this some thought and see what you come up with.  Quite a few people know exactly what they want to do and be, at a very early age.
  2. Examine what gives you joy now.  Make a list of the activities, hobbies, places, things that give you a feeling of joy and satisfaction.  If one of them is your mission, you will feel something in your soul as you write it.  Allow your mind to open up a file that has been closed to you.
  3. Listen to your angelic guides and watch for the signs they provide to you.  These signs can be verbal, written, or symbolic.  Synchronicity signs are one of the main ways your angelic guides get your attention and help you to see something important.  These signs can lead you to the next step.  It really is all about following the signs to the next thing you are lead to do/try/learn.

If You Still Have Not Found Your Spiritual Mission

4.  Pay attention to what you are being lead to.  This comes back to signs.  Your angelic guides will lead you to go               places, meet people, learn things, try things.  These are the skills and knowledge they know you will require to             fulfill your mission.  So do not fight these urges.  If it is at all possible for you to follow them, do so.

5.  Reflect on your relationships and jobs.  Nothing was a mistake and no time was wasted.  List the lessons or                     skills you learned in each of those relationships and jobs.  You may see a pattern building that helps you to                   finally see what you have been trained for throughout your life.

Putting the Pieces Together

The process of finding your spiritual mission is very much like putting together an intricate puzzle.  You find pieces along the way.  Occasionally you see how two, or more, of those pieces fit together.  A picture begins to form.  When that picture is nearing completion, you will have a good idea of what your mission is.  When the puzzle is complete, you will awaken to your mission and have no doubts.  You will move ahead confidently, and joyously into the mission you came here to do.

I invite you to listen to my radio show, Sunday nights on BlogTalkRadio.  Click the “follow” button so you can listen to the show.  Topics like this are addressed and discussed.  Listen or call in to discuss the topic directly with me.

Call Ivory Angelic to discover your mission 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243


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Spiritual Protection Methods

See Ivory Angelic for assistance with spiritual protection 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

Necessary for Many People

Spiritual protection is necessary for a variety of reasons.  This is not just for people working in the metaphysical or paranormal world.  It can be for anyone.  Here are some of the main reasons you may require it:

  • Dark energy attack
  • Negative people
  • Psychic vampires
  • Doing Mediumship
  • Giving Psychic Readings
  • Removing dark energy/entities from a home or person
  • Excessive vortex energy

Identifying the Need

There are some symptoms that you are in need of spiritual protection, or increasing your current protection.  Some of those symptoms are:

  • Feeling frightened by a presence or paranormal activity
  • Seeing dark figures
  • Smelling unexplained foul odors such as feces or garbage
  • Feeling exhausted for a length of time with no reason
  • Feeling drained of energy after spending time around a certain person(s)
  • Experiencing a lot of unwanted paranormal, unexplained activity in your home, or other place
  • Failing health, or a lot of pain with no explanation
  • You’re a professional medium
  • You’re a professional psychic
  • You clear people or places of dark energy/entities
  • You do paranormal investigations

Feeling fear feeds negative energy, so you want to avoid going into that emotion as much as possible.  You usually feel the most fear when you are alone.  So first, remember that you are actually never alone.  You have at least two angelic guides with you every moment of your life.  When you are afraid, ask your angelic guides to surround you with their energy to give you strength.

Verbal Spiritual Protection

There are physical ways to protect yourself spiritually, but I will focus on those in a future post.  For right now, I am going to outline some prayers and invocations of spiritual protection.

The first ones are to be said every day, as soon after you wake up as possible.

  1. The Invocation of the Four Archangels- this is a short prayer to surround yourself with Archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel.  You will find that Invocation here.
  2. The Blue Shower of God’s Love-  When you shower, say this prayer to allow the natural aura cleaning affect of water to be amplified to remove any negativity from you.  That prayer is at the link above.
  3. The Violet Flame-  This is a small, powerful book that explains how to use the invocations at the back of the book.  It is important to read the whole book before you say the invocations, as other protection should be in place prior to saying them.  I say some of these invocations every day to further protect myself, to keep dark energy away, and to keep myself as pure of spirit as possible.  You will find this wonderful book here.

When Fear Begins

At the first hint of fear, I begin saying the Violet Flame invocations, over and over, until the fear is gone.  This spiritual protections works beautifully.

When you see/hear/experience something that scares you at night, loudly and with authority say “Anything that is not of the light and not of the highest intentions, leave my home and property now!”.  Then send it a blast of white light by building up energy within your body and thrusting your arms and hands out toward where you saw or heard the disturbing event to blast it away.

Another thing you can do when you feel afraid is to visualize a golden bubble of God’s (your Higher Power) love and protection surrounding you.  It is shining, hard and impenetrable to dark energy.  If you need further protection, visualize another golden bubble surrounding your bed.  A third surrounding your bedroom.  A fourth surrounding your home.  And a final bubble surrounding your property.  This will give you a sense of peace.

Lastly, you can ask your angels to show themselves to you.  You may see a large glowing ball.  The color of this ball is different for each angel.  You could also see a flash of white, or a spark of white.  This immensely comforting and will allow you to sleep, knowing you have angelic protection.

Part 2

In the near future I will write about physical items you can use for spiritual protection.  Check back to get this valuable information.

Yours in light,

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

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Detox Foot Baths Work

detox foot baths work Sedona Soul Sisters 928-282-2243

Detox Foot Baths are Transforming

Warning!  The photos below are not for the faint of heart.  Read post before scrolling down to view them.

The Skeptic in Me

I have been hearing about ionic detox foot baths for years.  The skeptic in me thought it was a total scam.  That there was no way a person can detox through their feet.  I thought the stuff in the water was put there by someone for the photos.

Then Roz, one of our partners here, told me that her sweetie was purchasing a ionic detox foot bath system for Sedona Soul Sisters.  She told me about her previous experiences with these detox foot baths, and assured me that it was for real.  Roz and her sweetie, Ed, have high integrity and I trust them implicitly.  For this reason, I was open to Ed’s suggestion that all four of us get 14 detox foot baths, one every three days.

The Detox Foot Baths Project Begins

Roz and I put the bamboo charcoal belts around our waists and plugged into the Life Detox machine.  Then we slid our forearms into the wristbands and plugged those in to the machine too.  We put our feet into our respective foot baths.  The water was very warm and crystal clear.

Ed put the array into our water, which completes the circuit.  He adjusted the saline content of the water to reach the ideal levels, and left us to relax for an hour.  Not five minutes passed before I saw rust colored sediment floating in and on the water.  Soon a distinct green tinge formed throughout the water.  At the end of the hour I had about 1/4″ of rust and black sediment in the bottom of my foot bath.  It was not pretty.

Prepare Yourself

Each time I had my detox foot bath the water was different.  Different variations of rust, which is the joints detoxing; green, which can be gallbladder, liver, or kidney detox; white floating spots, which is lymph detox, and black sediment, which is metals. That last one excited me as I was exposed to Dioxin in my childhood and really want that out of my cells.

On treatment #10, I was sick with bronchitis.  I still had a low grade fever, difficulty breathing, and very low energy. I considered skipping my detox foot bath that day, but am very glad I did not.  At the end of the hour, my water looked like pure nastiness (see photo below), but my energy was much revived.  I had color in my face again, a little spark in my eyes, and it was the turning point in my illness.

detox foot baths work Sedona Soul Sisters 928-282-2243

Detox Foot Bath Done When I was Sick

It looks awful, but the good news it is no longer in my organs, joints, or cells. I do not want this stuff in me.

Into the Home Stretch

Today I received detox foot bath #13.  Just one to go.  I am feeling really well physically, but do not foot yourself.  That does not mean that all of the dis-ease in your body has been pulled out.

Roz and I have noticed that the more of these detox foot baths we have, the more is pulled out.  It is as if the body gets used to the process and opens itself to detox better.  At the end of the hour today, I looked at my water one last time and was surprised to see it was black, with a green tinge.

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detox foot baths work Sedona Soul Sisters 928-282-2243

Detox Foot Bath #13 of 14

Healing My Body and Mind

The healing has been amazing.  I feel lighter by the treatment, more balanced, happier, and was able to move fully past a traumatic experience.  I find myself finishing projects that I simply had no energy  to do, and things that would have upset me in the past are a mere bump in the road now.  That is the mental and emotional healing I experienced.  But it goes further.

I had chronic left hip pain, which is gone.  My neuropathy, which is related to my exposure to Dioxin, has reduced.  I lost weight without changing my diet or exercise program. I have a lot more energy, and feel my old zest for life again.  That was something I really missed.

Going Forward

While Ed initially suggested this series of detox foot baths for us because he heard that psychics and mediums need it more often than the general public, I now believe that everyone needs this.

Our world is highly polluted with chemicals, and we all have some pain and trauma in our life.  These things are stored in your body.  Read the testimonials that people wrote about the system Ed uses here at Sedona Soul Sisters.

Set an appointment for yourself on our website.  You will be amazed at how it improves you on every level.  I can now say with certainty that detox foot baths work!


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