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telepathic communications between soul mates, sedona soul sisters

Soul Mate Telepathy

Telepathy Between Soul Mates Scroll down to see the full episode on video Soul Mate telepathy is a bit of a hidden topic.  Much has been written about the Soul Mate connection, one of the ultimate types of spiritual relationships,  but not a lot about the special type of communication that exists between them. With Soul Mate telepathy, no words need be spoken. They are able to pick up a lot from one another by merely looking in each others eyes. Telepathy is a pure form of exchanging information between two people. It is a silent way of imparting emotions and memories directly from one person’s mind to

The Purpose Of A Pychic Reading

The Purpose Of A Psychic Reading

I was recently contacted by a potential client who wanted to get a sense of what information would be available in a psychic reading and what the benefit would be. This was somewhat thought provoking for me, because I think of myself as a radio antennae and tune into receive frequencies of information. I started thinking about the things that I tell clients who have never had a psychic reading before when they are in my office. Helping people understand how this information benefits them is an important part of making the decision to seek a psychic reading. As we move through our lives, we are faced with

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